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Choice your favorite Sweet Buzz coffee beans.  

  • Sweet Buzz Blend: full body with a full flavor
  • Witches Brew: dark tones and intense aroma
  • Jamaican Me Crazy: a delightful mix of cinnamon, pecan & rum
  • Columbian Supremo Single Origin: mild fruity flavor, medium-bodied, slightly nutty with a rich taste
  • Ethiopian Longberry Harrar Single Origin: edgy & bold, spicy tones, including cardamon, cinnamon apricots, blackberry & jasmine 
  • Guatemalan Antigua Single Origin: bright & lemony acidity, full-body flavors of chocolate, caramel and sweet citrus
  • Mocha Java: blend of Arabian mocha beans & Indonesian java beans, lively intensity, and clean and bright smoothness 

Give the Gift You'd Give Yourself

A perfect gift for friends, family, officemates, and any other delicious food and coffee enthusiasts you know. Gift certificates can be used to buy Dog is Good retail too! You choose the amount They choose whatever they like.

For questions or buying gift certificates in bulk please contact us.

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