How to choose the beans that are right for me?

Whether you are purchasing beans for home brewing or staring at a coffee drink menu, get ready to make the most important decision that affects the start of your day.

Single Origin or Blended
Basically in a nutshell, if you drink black coffee we suggest single-origin and if you choose milk as a companion for your coffee then a blend is best for you.

» With Single Origin coffee, your beans are from a single geographical area, estate, or farm. The black coffee drinker appreciates the specific notes & tones that a growing region produces.

» Can you still enjoy a Single Origin with milk? Absolutely!

» With Blended coffee, specific single origins are chosen to create a complex & balanced blend while still having a milk-based beverage in mind so that the flavor is not diluted.

Origin Selection
Very similar to wine, rainfall, soil conditions, altitude, and sunlight all contribute to the outcome of how your coffee bean will taste.
Central & South American coffee beans tend to have a delicate sweetness, like chocolate or soft fruit flavor.
The majority of the world’s coffee beans come from this area so more than likely you have had these beans before.

» Columbian beans have mellowed chocolates, caramels, and toffee undertones.

» Brazil produces heavier bodied coffees with a peanut character.

» Ethiopian beans have a complex berry & wine aroma.

» India & Indonesian regions tend to be heavier bodied with an earthy, herbal character.


» 1,500 miles+ the higher up you go the sweeter and more refined acidity.

» 1,250-1,500 miles for juicy acidity & cocoa flavors.

» 1,000 – 1,250 miles for milder acidity & earthy tones.

So there you go Sweet Buzzers, hopefully, this information helps you make an easier decision when faced with the world of flavors you can experience in your coffee mug!

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